For the kids


Slopes and fun for the kids in Voss Resort!

Voss Resort has four areas specifically dedicated for the children.

Four areas for the children

Grebbesbakken is located in Bavallen with a gentle slope and is the perfect place for children and beginners to get a comfortable introduction to skiing, allowing them to progress at their own pace. There is a 50 meter long ski carpet (conveyor belt) which is easy to get on and off making it ideal for those with little experience. It is free and open every day.

"Badnakrokjen" has a dedicated track for children with fantastic terrain for fun and games. Offering play equipment, such as toboggans, buckets and spades, as well as special activities and ski races during weekends and all school holidays, it is a great place to meet and play with other children. Keeping up the energy with all this play is important, so regular barbecues are held and we eat our food outside. There is an activity leader during the weekends. Open holidays and weekends.

Vetlebakken is ideal for children and adults who have done a bit of skiing before, as well as the intrepid beginners who will enjoy the challenge. This slope is located next Bavallstunet s.

Skicrossen slope is located at Hanguren and is for the kids who wants some challenge! The slope contains waves, jumps and banks.


Grebbe Hangur

Grebbe Hangur is the troll that lives on the mountain all year. He visits the kids in the ski slope every Saturday and Sunday, in addition to holidays (which he loves). He doesn’t say much, but he is very kind and a good skier!


Free lift pass to children aged 0 – 6 years

In Voss Resort, all kids from 0 – 6 years get free lift pass. Remember to bring a key card. In addition, kids aged 0 – 6 can rent ski helmet in the ski rental for free.



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