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Currently, there is a lot of development and many exciting, large projects in process in Voss Resort.
On this page, you can keep track on our projects and news.

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  • Voss Gondol and Hangurstoppen Restaurant re-opens

    Voss Gondol and Hangurstoppen Restaurant re-opens 16 May.

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  • Information regarding corona

    Update 11 May.

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  • Ski resort open

    The ski resort is open every day! We have evening skiing on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays*. 

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  • Season opening! The ski resort opens on Saturday!

    Never before have we opened the ski resort this early! Due to cold temperatures, we have managed to produce enough snow to open parts of the ski resort on Saturday, 16 November!

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  • Voss Gondol is officially opened

    Voss Gondol had it’s very first opening day 10th July, 2019. The first official gondola ride occured around 11 am. The official opening was 26th September 2019. See images and photos from the opnening ceremonies here.

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  • Animation of the gondola cabin

    Are you wondering what the new gondola cabins will look like? Take a look at the animation below! 

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