How Covid-19 is affecting the skiing season at Voss Resort

Although no one knows for sure what this year’s skiing season will be like, you have our assurance that we will do everything we can to make it as close as possible to a normal experience. To do so, we depend on everyone following the advice that is given, and on having effective rules and infection prevention measures in place. Together, we can create a great experience this winter!

In consultation with the Norwegian Alpine Resorts Association, the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the public authorities, we will try and explain how we intend to organise the up-coming skiing season. 

Updated 8 January 2021

In the following, we describe the main rules applicable to the ski centre, overnight accommodation, cafes and restaurants, the ski school and ski rental outlets, as well as events and activities. These rules will also be posted in and around the resort at the start of the season. Please note that the rules may be altered to reflect changes in national regulations.



The most important thing we require of our guests is that you ask these questions, before you start skiing: 
Am I ill? Am I in quarantine? 

If the answer to either of these questions is yes, you must not come to Voss Resort or use the Voss Gondol facility. 
We are entirely dependent on people who have symptoms, are ill or are in quarantine staying at home. 

If you are healthy: 

If you are in good health, you are welcome to visit us. We ask you to comply with the rules that the Norwegian Institute of Public Health and the government have drawn up: 

  • Maintain good hand hygiene and always cough into the crook of your elbow.
  • Keep at least one metre from other people.

In addition, you must register your presence at our eateries using the digital contact tracing system SafeSpot (QR codes).

What if you fall ill while at the resort?

If you start experiencing symptoms or fall ill during your stay, whether you are at the ski centre, one of our eateries or your overnight accommodation, we have the following advice:

  • Travel home as soon as possible.
  • Wait outdoors or in your own room if possible.
  • Do not travel by public transport.
  • Cover your nose and mouth and keep at least two metres from everyone else.



We have restrict visitor numbers at the ski centre this year. If you have a season pass, you are welcome to visit us at any time. If you do not have a season pass, you have to buy a ski pass online. Please note that there is limited capacity and that we only sell certain lift card types. 

Ski passes can be purchased at
We do not have limited capacity on the gondola and gondola tickets. Gondola tickets can buy purchased at Please note that all ski passes include use of the gondola. 

By buying your lift pass online, you can top up a keycard that you already own. If you don’t have a keycard, you can still buy one online and collect it from one of the machines at the gondola’s lower station or at the ticket office in Bavallen. 

Do you have an season pass? 

If you have a season pass, you are welcome to visit us at any time.

Read more about our lift pass cancellation and refund policy in relation to Covid-19



We have restrict visitor numbers at the ski centre this year. Our capacity will depend on the number of open lifts and slopes, at any given time. Updates will be posted on Facebook and our daily weather updates on our website and Fnugg. 

What we want you to do: 

  • Keep your distance from people not in your own party, both in the lift area and elsewhere on the slopes.
  • T-bar: only one person on each T-bar. Members of the same household and party may share a T-bar.
  • Chair lift: keep an empty seat between you and a stranger. Members of the same household and party may share a chair lift.
  • Gondola: no more than ten people in each gondola.Members of the same household and party may travel in the same gondola.

What we are doing to help out:

  • We will not be actively helping skiers onto the T-bar, drag lifts and magic carpets. Anyone who needs help must put up their hand.
  • We are cutting the maximum number of guests in each gondola to 10 (normally 34 people).
  • We will not host childrens ski race this season.
  • We are looking at ways to spread the traffic on the slopes to make the best use of our lift capacity, as well as trying to spread the traffic over the day and the week.
  • We have put up information posters/signs around the ski centre.
  • We have installed hand sanitiser dispensers around the site.
  • We clean all contact points and surfaces at regular intervals.



What we want you to do: 

  • Keep at least one metre from everyone else.
  • Stay at home if you are ill. If you have booked lessons, let the Ski School know you won’t be coming.
  • Group lessons: arrive 15 minutes before the group lesson is due to start, with your skis on and ready to go, to make it easier to keep a distance and organise the class.
  • Only one adult should accompany the child to the class starting point.
  • Please book skiing lessons in advance by sending an e-mail to:

What we are doing: 

  • All our ski instructors have been given practical training in infection prevention and how to deal with guests in a variety of situations.
  • We have good routines for additional cleaning of the equipment.
  • All our ski instructors have face coverings that can be used as required.
  • All lessons start at a specified location outdoors.
  • All our ski instructors brief students on infection prevention and how to keep their distance when stopping, taking ski lifts, etc. 
  • No more than eight participants in each group.
  • Although our ski instructors use special aids to prevent them from getting too close to students, we guarantee that all our guests will receive the help they need in any situation.
  • All the aids we use are routinely disinfected and quarantined overnight after use.



What we want you to do: 

  • If you wish to rent equipment, please book in advance by sending an e-mail to: 
  • On busy days, you may have to wait in line to be served. This is to enable us to keep a safe distance between customers and prevent transmission of the virus.  Please be patient, we will do our best to work efficiently and serve you as soon as we are available.
  • We recommend you use your own helmet. (Helmet rental is still available if needed.)
  • Please ask a member of staff BEFORE you try on any gloves or similar equipment in the store.

What we are doing: 

  • We have hand sanitiser dispensers and useful information about infection prevention at the entrance and at all payment terminals.
  • All Ski School students must register using a QR code to make contact tracing easier, should it become necessary.
  • Please pay by card, contactless payment or via Vipps.
  • There is a maximum number of people who can be inside the Ski School at any one time. Bavallen: Max 10 guests. We will set up a queuing system outside if necessary. Hangurstoppen: Max 20 guests. On busy days, the entrance and exit to the Ski School at Hangurstoppen will be via the culvert and Trollbakken. A queuing system will be set up in the culvert outside the Ski School.
  • We will set up a queuing system inside the Ski School for those renting equipment and for those making purchases.
  • Rental helmets have been moved to behind the till. We will help you if you want to rent a helmet from us.
  • All rental equipment, such as poles, helmets and boots, are disinfected after each use. The equipment is then placed directly in quarantine overnight.



Our four eateries will remain open as usual. Please comply with the general guidelines applicable to table service and minimum distance between people. The number of tables will be limited. We hope our guests will understand the need for this restriction and show consideration to their fellow diners.

There will not be a traditional après ski in the 20/21 season, but we still promise a great atmosphere. The bar will remain open, as far as the prevailing infection prevention rules allow. That means table service and keeping a minimum distance between guests.

What we want you to do: 

  • Be patient and show consideration to others.
  • Keep your distance from other guests.
  • Register your presence using the digital contact tracing system SafeSpot (QR codes) on arrival. This also applies if you have a season ticket/annual ticket.
  • Use the app “Ordr” when you order and pay contactless at Hangurstoppen Restaurant, Storastovo and Bavallstunet. We will serve you at the table.

What we are doing: 

  • We have reduced capacity at our eateries to ensure guests can keep at least one metre between tables.
  • We are not offering a buffet.
  • We have installed hand sanitiser dispensers.
  • We clean all contact points and surfaces at regular intervals.




Read more about our cancellation and refund policy.

What we want you to do: 

  • Carefully read the e-mail you receive when you make your booking.
  • If possible, please pay in advance. If you are paying at reception, please use a payment card or Vipps.
  • We would like only one person from each party to come into the reception area.
  • Follow the directions about where to collect your keys.

What we are doing: 

  • We have intensified our cleaning routines and abide by our industry guidelines.
  • We disinfect all necessary contact points.