Be courteous – Respect the nature

Leave nothing but footprints!

When visiting the areas in Voss Resort, some of the hiking trails and roads that you enter is private property.
It is therefore very important to respect the landowners, by treating this invitation in the best of ways.

Please be courteous with nature and bring your trash with you when you leave. You can find garbage bins at Hangurstoppen, Hangursrestauranten and in Bavallen. 

We ask you to kindly:

  • Close all gates that you open.
  • Respect wild animals and all the grazing animals. Do not approach the animals – they might get scared.
  • Pay attention to local rules regarding putting your dog on a leash.

Although the trails are well marked and facilitated, changes can occur during the season (for instance that the marking of the trail disappear). Voss Resort and its partners do not take responsibility for any injuries that take place during your visit on the mountains.

Please note that hiking, biking and paragliding is at your own risk and is on your own responsibility.