Voss Resort in the summer

Voss Resort is located in the heart of Fjord Norway and is surrounded by beautiful mountains – perfect for hiking, biking and paragliding. Located only 5 km from Voss town centre, the distance is short to a great variety of activities for the entire familiy.

Enjoy the nature! 

The mountains surrounding Voss offers great opportunities for hiking, paragliding and biking. You’ll find trails for the entire familiy, with specacular view and great nature.

TIP: Voss Gondol

Try Voss Gondol (mountain gondola) to access the mountain in no time. The gondola will bring you from 56 to 820 m.a.s.l. in less than 9 minutes. At the end station, Hangurstoppen, you will find Voss’ largest restaurant, in addition to many hiking trails. From here, you can also bike back to Bavallen, and Voss town centre. See more about our gondola and Hangurstoppen at Voss Gondol’s website.



Other activities

Voss is known for it’s extreme sports, but you do not need to be an extrem sport athleet to try the activities! You’ll find a great variety of fun activities for all levels and ages, amongst others; wind tunnel, high-ropes course, rafting, tandem paragliding, skydiving, mountain-biking, golf and a lot more! For more information about activities in Voss, check out www.visitvoss.no

The distance from Voss Resort to Voss town centre is only 5 km, and the distance is short to the majority of the activities in Voss (about 5 – 15 minutes drive). 


Experience the majestic fjords! 

Both Hardangerfjorden and Sognefjorden are located less than one hour drive from Voss Resort. Hence, if you stay with us, it’s possible to visit the fjords on a day trip. Check our “Norway in a Nutshell” if you want to learn more and get closer to the fjords. 



Do you want to stay close to the nature, fjords and activities in Voss?

We have self-service cabins and apartments for rent during the entire year. 
See more about accommodation in Voss Resort here. 

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