Hiking in Voss Resort

In Voss Resort you can find hiking trails for all levels!

Wheather you are searcing for short og long hiking trips, Voss Resort is the perfect starting point for hiking in the mountains. Here – you’ll find spectacular nature and marked trails suited for everyone. 


Get to the top in no time!

Starting at Voss Station (56 m.a.s.l), our gondola “Voss Gondol” will bring you to Hangurstoppen (820 m.a.s.l.) in less than 9 minutes. From Hangurstoppen, you can access a great variety of hiking trails. Read more about our gondola and the activities around Hangurstoppen, on the website for Voss Gondol.

Areas for hiking in Voss Resort

Mount Hangur / Hanguren

The area at Hanguren is an easy and accessible hiking area for all ages. You decide how much of a challenge you would like. If you are looking for a full workout, the mountain has lots to offer, but you can also find plenty of trails that are suitable for the entire family. At Hangurstoppen, you find our panorama walk “Hanguren Panorama”. An easy walk, approx 1 km, with view points along the way.  If you want a longer, but stil easy walk, go from Hangurstoppen down to the old “Hangursrestauranten”. From here, you have panorama view overlooking the Vangsvatnet lake and Voss town centre.

From Hanguren, one can also access “The Red Cross Cabin / Røde Kors hytta”, Raugstad, mount Lønahorgi or Bavallen. One can also walk down to Mølstertunet or Voss town centre from here.

Photo: Hunnalvatn Media


The Red Cross Cabin / Røde kors hytta

The red cross cabin is accesible from both Bavallen and Hanguren. 
Situated by the lake “Valbergstjørni”, it is possible to take a swim on hot summer days.
The cabin is a popular hiking destinaton with great view to some of the mountains surrounding Voss, amongst others mount Lønahorgi.

Photo: Hunnalvatn Media

Mount Lønahorgi

Mount Lønahorgi (1410 MASL) is another popular destination for hiking, with starting point at Voss Resort.
Choose to start from either mount Hangur og Bavallen. From the summit of mount Lønahorgi one has spectacular view and one clear days you can see a total of 4 glaciers from the top; Fresvikbreen, Hardangerjøkulen, Vossaskavlen and Folgefonna. 

Please note that the trail to Lønahorgi is a demanding hiking trip with a distance of approx. 20 km return trip, lasting around 6 – 8 hours. The climb from Bavallen to Lønahorgi is around 1100 meters.
During summer, the trail is marked. The trail covers high mountain terrain, where the weather can change quickly. Therefore, one should/must bring a map and compass at all times.  



Happy hiking!