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Cabins in Voss Resort

Stay in modern self-service cabins with the nature and mountains right outside your doorstep.

The cabins in Voss Resort are well equipped for self-catering. Most have a wood stove, cable TV, sauna, tiled bathroom, washing machine, dishwasher, fridge with freezer compartment, stove, duvets and pillows. Sizes vary from small, cosy cabins with two bedrooms to larger cabins which have balcony bedrooms and sleep up to 11. Each cabin comprises two units, and is divided either vertically or horizontally.

Voss Resort offers five different types of cabins:

1 55 4 (5) 2 bedrooms
2 60 4 (6) 2 bedrooms, sauna
3 60 + loftroom 5 (7) 2 bedrooms, loftroom, sauna
4 80 – 85 6 (8) 3 bedrooms, sauna
5 95 + loftroom 8 (9) 3 bedrooms, 2 floors + loftroom, sauna

More information about the cabins further down on the webpage.

Prices 2018:

The rates are valid from 1 May to 30 November 2018.
Other rates apply during Voss Cup 15th – 16th June and during Ekstremsportveko 24th June – 1st July.

GROUP price final cleaning
1 NOK 1460,- per day NOK 650,-
2 NOK 1590,- per day NOK 750,-
3 NOK 2255,- per day NOK 850,-
4 NOK 2610,- per day NOK 1150,-
5 NOK 3060,- per day NOK 1250,-

About the cabins

Group 1:

These cabins are approx. 55 m² on one level, and have two bedrooms, bathroom, living room, kitchen and the majority have wood stove. The upstairs units have a door opening onto a private balcony, while the downstairs units open onto a lawn or patio.

Group 2:

These cabins are approx. 60 m² on one level, and have two bedrooms, bathroom with sauna, kitchen and living room. All are situated on the ground floor, with a door opening onto a private lawn or patio. These cabins do not have a wood stove.

Group 3:

These cabins are approx. 70 m², mainly on one level, and have two bedrooms, balcony bedroom, bathroom with sauna, kitchen and living room. Some have two WCs.

Group 4:

These cabins are approx. 80 m². Around half of the cabins in this category are on two levels, with the rest on one level. The cabins have three bedrooms, bathroom with sauna, kitchen and living room, and some have two WCs. The units on one level have a door opening onto both a balcony and patio, or lawn.

Group 5:

These cabins are approx. 100 m² on two levels. They have a balcony bedroom, three bedrooms, bathroom with sauna, extra WC, kitchen and living room.

Please note: All the cabins are individually decorated and furnished.


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Online booking of accommodation must take place minimum 24 hours before arrival. When searching on todays date, you will be notified that there are no rooms available on the selected date(s). Contact us directly to check if there are available rooms on todays date ( 4700 4700)