Voss Gondol – open every day!

Voss Gondol starts at Voss Station, ending at Hangurstoppen (820 metres above sea level), has 9 cabins and a capacity of 1069 passengers per hour.

Voss Gondol replaced the old cable car “Hangursbanen” (Dinglo and Danglo), which has been out of service since 2015. You can keep track on the project with articles and news here.

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The largest and most modern mountain gondola

The new gondola rail is a so-called 3S lane, which means that it runs on three rows, two berths and a pulling rope. This makes it very stable, compared to gondolas that usually hang on a cable. The track has a free span of 900 meters from the lower station to the first mast. There are only two types of lifts that can have such long spans. One is a gondola rail with many cabins on the same dragon, such as the new gondola rail at Voss, and the other is a suspension railway, which is a gondola that goes up while the other goes down, such as Ulriksbanen in Bergen.


Located at the traffic hub

The lower station of the new gondola is located at the new traffic hub at Voss Railway Station (Voss Station, 56 masl). The end station is at Hangurstoppen (820 masl), next to the top of the Express lift. 

The unique location by the traffic hub will make it easy for visitors to access and travel up to the mountain in an environmentally friendly way. 
You can easily access Voss by train both from Oslo and Bergen – the two largest cities in Norway. 

If you travel from Bergen Station, it will take you 1.5 hours from boarding the Bergen train until you are at the top of the Hangurstoppen mountain, ready for exciting summer and winter experiences.


Activities and Voss’ largest restaurant

At the top station Hangurstoppen (820 masl), areas for recreation and activities is built. During summer, one can go hiking (both short and long hikes), biking and paragliding. During winter, one can immediately access the ski resort from the top station. A ski school and ski rental will also be located at the top station. The ski resort is one of the largest in Western Norway. 

In addition, a new restaurant is based at the top station. With seating capacity for 450 people, this will be Voss’ largest restaurant. 
Here, you can enjoy both hot and cold food and drinks, based on local ingredients and suppliers.


Open all year

The gondola and restaurant will be open all year. In addition, there will be activities and events at the top station during all sesasons.


About the project

The construction work for the lower station began in January 2018 and the completion and opening of the new gondola is 10th July 2019.
The total cost for the project is approximately NOK 300 million. 

The gondola is delivered by Leitner Ropeways in Italy, with all technical installations from the lower to the upper station. Backe Bergen AS is the contractor of other deliveries in the project.

"There is a lot of local involvement around the project, including the cooperation with Voss Community Council, Næringshagen Voss AS, and not least the two local banks, Vekselbanken and Voss Sparebank in addition to the regional bank Sparebanken Vest and local Investor Øyvind Lauritzen in Grønahorgi AS” says CEO of Voss Resort AS, Øyvind Wæhle.

Photos: HLM Arkitektur AS, Tegmark


Facts about the new gondola

Type: Leitner Ropeways 3S
Start: 56 masl
End: 820 masl
Length: 2000 meters
Capacity: 1069 passengers per hour
Number of cabins: 9 (max 13)
Capacity per cabin: 34 passengers
Time: 6,48 minutes
Restaurant capacity: 450 guests

Animation of the cabin of the new gondola: 

The videos below illustrates what the new gondola in Voss Resort will look like:


New Hotel

Located just next to the gondola and public transport hub, Scandic is building a new conference hotel planned to open in January 2020. With its 216 rooms and meeting facitilites for 350 people, the hotel will double the capacity in Voss.

Animation of the new hotel:  


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