Managing Director in Voss Resort, Sigbjørn Slåtten and CEO in Voss Resort, Øyvind Wæhle, at the lower station Managing Director in Voss Resort, Sigbjørn Slåtten and CEO in Voss Resort, Øyvind Wæhle, at the lower station

The new gondola will take the tourism at Voss to new heights

After a ten year long process, the new gondola will open summer 2019. Voss Resort believes that this will be a very positive thing for Voss.

«As the largest shareholder in Voss Gondol, we clearly regard this as a very good investment, which will be of great importance to further development of Voss Resort. But we also believe that this will have a positive impact on the rest of the tourism industry and business development in Voss and in the region in general,» says managing director and operations director at Voss Resort, Øyvind Wæhle and Sigbjørn Slåtten.

Will Increase tourism

They believe that the new gondola will attract more tourists to Voss, both summer and winter.
«We believe that the traffic during wintertime will increase by 30 percent, and we also expect more tourists during the summer, especially with regard to cruise traffic. The gondola provides the opportunity for hiking, cycling and participating in extreme sports. On the top of the mountain there will also be artificial snow, which will last until the end of May. Visitors can enjoy both skiing and  sledgeriding.»

The best option

Getting a new gondola to Voss has been a long and difficult process.
«The idea was first presented in 2008, so the process has been going on for ten years,» Wæhle says.

Ever since Voss Resort was established in 2007, one looked at the opportunity to modernize the old gondola rail. To upgrade Dinglo and Danglo was the first alternative that was considered.

«Upgrading Dinglo and Danglo was not a good solution because of the location and infrastructure around the lower station. In addition, the capacity could not increase with this type of hoisting course. Due to this, we chose a gondola rail that could have many gondolas on the same wire. The result is a very user friendly gondola with a capacity of 34 passengers. The queue will always move forward, as there is about 40 seconds between the carriages entering the station. It tolerates heavy winds and it is reliable,» Slåtten says.

Hangursbanen was establised in 1963 and did an important job of putting Voss on the map. But it required a lot of maintenance, and the cost of repairing it was so extensive that it would not be economical profitable.

Øyvind Wæhle

In conjunction with the new traffic hub at Voss Railway Station, Voss Resort was invited to discuss a possible new gondola rail.

«This made it possible to build a gondola rail all the way from the railway station at Voss Railway Station and up to the 800 meter high mountain top, which is unique in Northern Europe,» Wæhle says.

A new conference hotel

The new gondola is 2,000 meters long and will ship 1069 passengers per hour. At the top of Hangurstoppen mountain there will be a new restaurant and areas for play, recreation and exercise, both summer and winter. In January 2020 a large Scandic hotel will open next to the train station. The hotel will have a total of 216 rooms and meeting facilities for 350 people. This will double the hotel capacity of Voss.

"We are very proud that the gondola and the hotel will provide jobs and tourism growth. It's a big job to get everything in place, but we're on track,» says Øyvind Wæhle and Sigbjørn Slåtten.

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