Mayor of Voss, Hans-Erik Ringkjøb Mayor of Voss, Hans-Erik Ringkjøb

The new gondola will define Voss - Mayor of Voss Hans-Erik Ringkjøb

«Tourism is the driving power in all development at Voss. That is why we have to be in front,» says the mayor of Voss Municipality Hans-Erik Ringkjøb.

Ringkjøb says that the optimism has been growing around Voss for a long time and that it now is showing in the village center.

«We have a very nice city center, which is both scenic and urban, and it will be strengthened by the new projects that are going on now, the new terminal building with bus, train and the gondola, and the new hotel. It is important to have a vibrant village center, and having attractions here are quite decisive, both for tourists and the locals.»

Makes the mountain more accessible

Voss is a destination with long traditions that has developed a lot in terms of activities, but little on infrastructure.

The new gondola is going to define Voss in the same way the old gondola did. It tells you something about the place you are visiting. It is accessible and direct, which makes it possible for more people to experience the mountain

Hans-Erik Ringkjøb

In a municipality that consists of 90% mountains, the mayor believes that the new gondola and the experience of being on “Norway's roof” is something the tourists will remember after visiting the village. He also emphasizes that all activities at Voss are not just a pleasure for the tourists, they also benefit the locals.

«This is the bonus when you live in a tourism community. The unique possibilities we have here makes it more fun to live in Voss.»

Must think big

When Myrkdalen Mountain Resort was investing early in the 21st century, the mayor had no faith in the project. He will not make the same mistake again.

«It's about daring to think big. We need renewal and innovation. And we need greater capacity for accommodation, which is quite in line with our tourism strategy. Many are probably wondering if a new hotel will be a good thing for Voss when we have room vacancy today. But just look at the success of Myrkdalen Mountain Resort and Voss Resort,» he says.

It was just under 100,000 ski tourists at Voss a year when Myrkdalen Mountain Resort was established, and now it has risen to 270,000. Both Myrkdalen and Voss Resort areas have grown and all of Voss has gotten a boost. The hope is to accomplish the same thing now, and that everyone will gain from the investment.

Big investment in small town Voss

The node project with a new hotel, terminal building and gondola is a total investment of around one billion, which is quite unique in a village of 14,500 inhabitants.

«Our partners have always been positive and wanting to achieve great things. When people invest as much as they do here they believe in what they are doing. There is hope for the future in Voss and in the region,» the mayor concludes.

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